360 Degree Communications is a boutique marketing firm specializing in grassroots marketing for films with purpose. We have a passion for tailor-made marketing approaches and have enjoyed promoting some of the most awarded films for over 15 years. We are anchored in California, both energetically and spiritually, but can also be found at many wonderful film festivals, seminars and schools speaking about storytelling and film and meeting brilliant minds.


We cater to clients ranging from major film studios to Academy Award winning films to the independent boot-strapped directors. The common thread is their desire for meaningful marketing campaigns to create buzz and reach niche audiences. We execute the campaigns for our clients with great tenacity, engaging audiences in both obvious and hidden places.


Corinne Bourdeau started 360 Degree Communications because of her passion for storytelling and independent films. Her goal was to nurture brilliant films that were so often getting lost in the web of large agencies. With a penchant for matchmaking, a few extra helpings of creativity, and an extraordinary energy level, Corinne launched 360º and has been working with a team of seasoned professionals for the past 15 years who share her passion. The goal with clients after all is said and done is simple - “We place butts in seats!”